I got my start dealing with houses even before taking up construction as a vocation. My parents had one remodel project or another going on at least one of the 2 homes they owned from the time I was born until I moved out on my own. I was in my first crawlspace when I was 12.

During high school, I enrolled in and graduated from an on the job training course for construction that spanned my entire senior year.

2 weeks after high school, I started my first construction job and did that from 1980 -1998, when I progressed into home inspections. During a portion of that time I also taught a community college night class on woodworking and building furniture.

Since transitioning into home inspection in 1998, I have not only graduated from the Professional Home Inspectors Institute, I have been through numerous different classes for home inspection related items. These include log home classes, EIFS siding, mold, heating/air conditioning, and wood boring pests, just to name a few.

I take a min. of 25 hours of continuing education classes every year to keep both my Washington state home inspector and my Washington state dept. of agriculture issued structural pest inspector (SPI) license. I have had the SPI license since 1998 even though it became required by state law just a couple of years ago.

My first home was originally built in 1905 and during my ownership, I completely remodeled it from top to bottom. So, in addition to a large number of home inspections on them, I am well versed in older homes from personal experience as well.